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Colosseum of Heroes

(READ!) This is a battle role play, all players must agree before beginning a battle. There will be a participation fee of 50+ gold before each match, the winner will take the gold entered after the match is won. To get this gold you will first be loaned 500 gold by the bank, once you reach 600 gold, we will take the 500 gold back. If one runs out of gold he may once again be loaned 500 gold, but you may only take out 500 gold after you have reached zero. You will start at Level 1 and advance by gaining exp. Real Battles will only be held while a mod is present, otherwise, the arena can be used as a pratice area until the mod returns. By how well the mod believes you did, you will be awarded points, once you reach a certain ammount of points you will have the ability to choose a prize, or continue saving points, there is a 100's list a 1000's list, and a 100000's list. There is also a shop where items can be bought with gold, the items and prices will change, so a list will be given.